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18 Wheels of Steel Haulin' 1.01
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File Size: 144 Mb

18 Wheels of Steel Haulin' 1.01

Publisher:SCS Software
Requirements:CPU 1.4 GHz, DirectX 9.0c, 256 MB RAM, 560 MB HD space, 3D Accelerator 64MB
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

18 Wheels of Steel Haulin' - Do you have the juice to go from gearjammer to boss man in the trucking business? Climb in the can and find out! You're steering the whole operation, from choosing the trucks and trailers to hiring the drivers in your fleet. Life on the road is filled with obstacles. Avoid the hazards and you'll be haulin' it in. But, make too many wrong turns along the way and it could be a lost cause. That fire in your belly is gonna take you straight to the top. Take risks, cash in and upgrade your rig. Work hard and you might end up driving the whole show!

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' takes the series back to its truck simulation roots. With a much higher emphasis on the trucking business side of the game, the player's driving skills as well as business instincts are constantly challenged.

List of Changes:

Version 1.01 from 2006-10-09


Become the king of the trucking business

Download Now
File Size: 144 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Austin 2009-09-07 08:49:26 #
Version: 1.01

This is such a good game. I like how you can pump gas yourself. I like the REAL GAS PRICES!Just like in real life youre looking for the cheapest gas. Also i like the hotel rates. I like the mileage counter too. I think the tickets are a bit expensive. $6,000 for running a red light unless you wait like 3 days game time not passing any police. You can't out run the police they always get me. The only bad thing is that the graphics are bad.The cities look abandon because No one walks in the cities, all the cities look the same, there is always one person in a car,and they are missing many cities and states like....

-Maine and new hampshire
-key west
-san diego
-La paz, Mexico (for american long haul)
Mexico city, Mexico(for american long haul)
Many more
And it would be nice if they expanded to Alaska and put in fairbanks and ancorage

Also New York City has like 3 streets. The cities should be a bit bigger.

Also they could add tolls. Let me explain. They could have a few tolls where you would have to pay a few dollars. If you don't pay you get a ticket.Put some tolls on bridges like the golden gate bridge and a few on interstates. It could be labled T on the map.

Also I wish more cities had snow like thunder bay. And you should be able to buy car

Maybe they will come out with a better game

J Amalone1 2009-08-12 15:27:53 #
Version: 1.01

Thats a awsome games and i wish it was free because i dont have any money and my mom wont give me any so i just played it for one our

Rolandh95 2009-06-14 04:12:04 #
Version: 1.01

Are there more trucks and trailers to download.
P.S.S.:I work for a big trucking company in South Africa.410 Eagle International 9800i, ISX engines with super link trailers.

Littlejj98 2009-03-08 13:40:18 #
Version: 1.01

18 wheels of steel haulin

the game is a great game, but not a good price. It's poor. in like dumb price

Oli8giroux 2009-01-18 20:42:56 #
Version: 1.01

From Prod tester Oli QC

This game is really something interesting. Good job from the dev group for sure. The major problems are the folowing. The interface of the overall game menus are not looking very good and some buttons are no interactive at all without giving the reason for it. The steering sensitivity seems not to work properly in the options. There is a lack of dynamic models and game objects throughout the ingame environement (cars and trucks does not have damage showing up physicaly and cannot get wreaked destroyed showing a lack from the animation aspect of game developping. Fences are unbreakable etc. Some unpredictable FPS drops may be experienced during gameplay making me think of an engin problem. The camera view does not allow a complete liberty for the driver and the user may need to calculate a lot without being able to see anything. The gameplay remains fantastic and I recommend it for future game developpement project because this game has a long durability and may be enjoyed even years after buying it.

James 2008-08-26 00:53:57 #
Version: 1.01

Haulin FTW!

"Haulin'" is quite challenging coming from "Across America" but the gameplay is more intricate and complex, making for a richer overall experience. Steering with the keyboard is an utter pain, though.

ukfan 2007-10-15 16:38:54 #
Version: 1.01

Good game

I like this version of 18 wheels, much more realistic than pedal to the metal.
The only downside is there is no GPS guidance so you have to keep checking the map to work out your own route.
Still a good game though, worth the money in my opinion.

Raicha 2007-09-01 07:06:57 #
Version: 1.01


Good and super game! I like it.

rikkiwhitehead 2007-01-26 11:50:41 #
Version: 1.01

Great, just one thing.... Vista

I love it, like it and love it more, its a kind of driving simulator that i was after. Just wish it worked in vista.....

18 wheels.. 2007-01-20 05:37:55 #
Version: 1.01

18 wheels...

Much better nhen the other games it is really good!

TRUCK 2006-11-04 19:48:21 #
Version: 1.01

exelentay game

this game should be made for xbox 360 and ps2

Download Now
File Size: 144 Mb